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my brother's journey to healthy skin

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Ways To Ensure You Don't Get A Scar After Having Your Facial Mole Taken Off

Once you've had a mole removal from your cheek, nose, or elsewhere on your face, you may be excited to show off your face. You might be a bit disappointed to leave the doctor's office with a bandage on your face and the news that the site won't heal for a few days. However, if you want to be sure that no scarring takes place, you've got to heed the advice below.

Leave That Bandage Alone

The first thing you might want to do when you get home after having that mole removed is to rip off the bandage covering the area. What you must realize is that the bandage is in place to prevent dust and bacteria from getting into the site; taking it off before a scab forms will make it more vulnerable to infection and some possible scarring.

The bandage should also remain so that you can encourage healing by keeping it moist. Spritzing a bit of water on the site and reapplying the bandage can be good, as moist healing has been proven to be beneficial for many kinds of wounds.

Don't Put Any Serums or Oils on The Site

Many people try to speed healing by using vitamin oils, serums, and other balms on the site of the mole removal. In particular, a lot of people seem to think that using vitamin E oil will speed healing in the area. However, that is not necessarily the case. Some research has shown some 90% of people using this vitamin saw no change. Some even observed worse scarring after using it. Avoid oils and serums on the removal site until it has healed completely.

Avoid Picking the Scab

Once a scab has formed on your face where the mole was removed, you'll finally be able to remove the bandage. You may want to leave it on though, so that you aren't tempted to pick at the scab; picking at and scraping the scab is a sure way to risk permanent scarring on your face. The scab is in place so that healing can continue and if you bother it before it comes off on its own, you are likely to bleed and scar. Just let it be.

If you're able to follow the advice in this article, you are less likely to permanently scar at the site of your mole removal. Ask your physician for more ideas.