my brother's journey to healthy skinmy brother's journey to healthy skin

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my brother's journey to healthy skin

Being the sole-guardian of my little brother since I was 19, I have had to learn how to take care of things that I knew nothing about. One such thing was finding out why his skin was always so scaly and dry. I had bought him every kind of skin moisturizer sold at the local drug store, but saw no improvement. I finally broke down and took him to a dermatologist to find out what was causing his skin to look the way that it did. After a few visits and a few tests, we were able to find out what was causing the problem and begin a treatment program that has really helped. To learn more about my brother's journey to healthy skin, click here website.

Four Tips To Help You Deal With A Melanoma Cancer Diagnosis

Skin cancer is a serious matter, especially when that skin cancer is melanoma. According to Cancer Treatment Centers of America, melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. It's more likely to metastasize into other parts of your body, which can make you very sick. If you've been diagnosed with melanoma, you may be understandably concerned about the future of your health. However, it's possible to recover from melanoma skin cancer with the proper treatment. Read More 

Three Tips For Dealing With Cold Weather Causing Problems For The Skin

During the summer, people think about their skin. Many want that awesome bronze tan and sit on the beach to get one. In the winter, thinking about the skin is not done as much. The skin, however, can be at risk for drying and cracking during the winter since cold weather hampers the ability for the skin to remain moist. Understanding that winter weather could cause problems for the skin is the first step in preventing problems. Read More 

Ways To Ensure You Don’t Get A Scar After Having Your Facial Mole Taken Off

Once you've had a mole removal from your cheek, nose, or elsewhere on your face, you may be excited to show off your face. You might be a bit disappointed to leave the doctor's office with a bandage on your face and the news that the site won't heal for a few days. However, if you want to be sure that no scarring takes place, you've got to heed the advice below. Read More 

What To Expect When Seeing A Doctor For Mole Removal

Visiting the doctor for a skin issue can be unnerving, especially if you've never been to a dermatologist before. Among the most common reasons people see a dermatologist is for moles. If you have moles that are unsightly, large, irregularly shaped, or of an unusual color, it is good to have them looked at by a skin expert. In the event you have a mole removed during your visit, here are a few things you can expect: Read More 

4 Tips For Dealing With Acne

Dealing with acne can be painful and embarrassing. Many people, both men and women, are looking for solutions to dealing with acne breakouts. Luckily, there are some things you can do to help to relieve the pain from acne and control the breakouts. Here are some tips. 1. Ice Acne is caused from inflamed skin. This is why it can turn red and burn. When you put ice on the skin it will help to relieve the swelling, pain, and the redness. Read More